The Holy Sai River

Most of the districts of Uttar Pradesh are situated on the bank of river Sai. Sai is on of the  most sacred rivers of Hinduism.It got reference in Puranas and in Ramcharitmanas of Goswami Tulsidas. Purans calls it as Adi Ganga means the Older Ganaga. Along with its religious importance its also a lifeline to the millions of Indians who live on its bank and depends on it for their daily utilities.

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The Sai river, which is a tributary of  Gomti, originates in Hardoi district. It separates the district of Lucknow  with Unnao. Flowing towards south it enters in the District of  Pratapgarh through the west, than  it turns east, and touches The Ghuisarnath Dham on its south. Flowing through  Ghuisarnath Dham after few kilometers it touches  another religious place The Chandika Dham: a place devoted to devi Chandi. The total length of the river in the Pratapgarh District is about 80 kms. Devotees  takes bath  in Sai river and worship Baba Ghuisarnath with its holiest water.



Memorable Twinkle

  • Baba Dham Tourism:


    Former Governor Mr. Moti Lal
    Borah visited in Ghuisarnath
    Dham in 1996, and announced
    Baba Ghuisarnath Dham as
    tourism place. From now, UP
    tourism department financed
    subvention every year for dev-
    elopment of Ghuisarnath Dham.

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