Shiva The Supreme: Shiva Linga


The frame of the cosmic reality, according to ancient Hindu thought,  consists of the three fundamental states called evolution (Shrishthi),  existence (sthiti), and involution (samhara) that acts in a cyclic  process of infinity. Each one of the forms is controlled by a God, named  Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver) and Siva/Shiva (the  destroyer); these three Gods are called the Trinity. Shiva, being the  last to complete the cycle from where the new cycle starts, is known as  Mahadeo, the Supreme Divinity. The iconographic form of the Shiva, the  Linga represents the unity of the three states of cosmos (shown in above  figure).The Linga consists of the three parts. The first is a square  base of three-layers at the bottom showing the three mythical realms  (lokas), symbolizing evolution the place of Brahma. The second is an  octagonal round form in the middle showing the eight directions,  symbolizing existence or perseverance the place of Vishnu; and third is a  cylinder at the top with a spherical end, symbolizing involution or  completion of the cosmic cycle the place of Shiva. This icon shows the  supreme state of integrity, the ultimate form of Shiva linga itself is a  symbol of cosmic mandala. As Sadasiva (eternal reality) Shiva is  represented as linga, standing also for 'total knowledge'. As Rudra, the  destroyer, his consort is Kali. As Bhairava, the terrible destroyer,  his consort is Durga. As a jovial god living in the Himalaya his wife is  Parvati. As possessor of all forms of divine power Shiva rooms at the  bottom of everything that is moving, that is how he is called Ishvara,  derived from I-cara, i.e. I the centre, and  cara, the rhythm of  movement. Shiva is also depicted as cosmic dancer, Tandava Nartakari,  the one who keeps up the rhythm of the world in cosmos.

** Special Note:
Above all information regarding Shivlinga and it's description has  been taken from "The Linga Puran" and the book "Piligrimage  & Cosmology Series: 1 written by "Prof. Rana P. B. Singh & Dr.  Pravin S. Rana

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  • Baba Dham Tourism:


    Former Governor Mr. Moti Lal
    Borah visited in Ghuisarnath
    Dham in 1996, and announced
    Baba Ghuisarnath Dham as
    tourism place. From now, UP
    tourism department financed
    subvention every year for dev-
    elopment of Ghuisarnath Dham.

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