Aarti of Baba Ghuisarnath Ji:

Aarti is also known as "Aaratrik" or "Aarartik" and "Nirajan" also. Aarti is done at the end of Pooja. Aarti completes the mistakes if remained during Pooja.

Skandpuran says-

Mantraheena Kriyaheena Yat Kritam Poojanam Harey: |
Sarva sampoornatameti Kritey Nirajaney Shivey: ||

There are 5 aartis of Baba Ghuisarnath Ji:

Mangala Aarti

Bhog Aarti

Sandhya Aarti

Shayan Aarti

4.00-5.00 (morning)

12.00 (day)

7.00 (evening)

10.00-11.00 (night)

The Temple opens daily at 4:00 A.M. In Mangala Aarti 3 to 4 A.M. Every person can join Managla Aarti.
From 4 to 11 AM general Darshan is allowed. 11.30 to 12 AM mid day Bhog Aarti is done. Again 12 Noon to 7 PM devotees are free to have Darshan.
From 7 PM evening Sndhya is done after which darshan is again possible up till 9.00 PM.After 9.00 PM Darshan from outside only is possible. Shayan Aarti starts at 10.30 PM. The Temple closes at 11 PM.

Most of the prasad, milk, clothes and other such offerings are given to the poor.

Contribution in cash or kind towards development or specific purposes are accepted giving due through and a reciept thereof is issued and the donation is used for the desired seva.

Devotees are requested to record complaint/suggestion, if any, on the complaint/suggesion book at the website www.ghuisarnathdham.com .

Memorable Twinkle

  • Baba Dham Tourism:


    Former Governor Mr. Moti Lal
    Borah visited in Ghuisarnath
    Dham in 1996, and announced
    Baba Ghuisarnath Dham as
    tourism place. From now, UP
    tourism department financed
    subvention every year for dev-
    elopment of Ghuisarnath Dham.

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